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Here is our lot, a little piece of heaven here on Kauai. Soon a house will be built, and we will have our forever home.

So much has happened to get us to this point. It has been a long year and some change of working with our architect, contractor, county of Kauai, and bank to finally build our house. Honestly itʻs surreal, doesnʻt feel like itʻs really happening, itʻs been a dream for so long Iʻm waiting to wake up kina thing. Especially for Kauai where it is never easy to do anything, everything takes twice as long and there can be a surprise at every turn (and not the good kine surprise). But I wouldnʻt change a thing and every tear of fear and doubt that has been shed has been worth it.

I could have never imagined the pieces that would need to come together to make this happen, but they did and we are grateful.