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Loop Rd/Keahua Stream Crossing 

Loop Rd/Keahua Stream Crossing 

Have you ever been all the way to the end of Loop Rd? This area ia also called Keahua Stream crossing and closely tucked in along side the Keahua Arboretum. There’s a few names used to describe this area but Loop Rd seems to be the most used among locals. You’ll also find a beautiful opening into Kauai’s inner forest, the rainbow eucalyptus trees and some cool hikes with stellar views. But our favorite part is the stream and rope swing!

You start by turning off the highway by Wailua river mouth and go up Kuamoo Rd, pass Opeaka’a falls, pass the General Store, and don’t stop till you hit the end of the road. You’ll think you’re driving for too long but you’re not. There’s no turns. Stay on hwy 580 till the end.

There’s a small parking lot and some covered picnic areas. It’s super muddy so bring a change of shoes. If you go over the bridge there’s additional parking. I don’t recommend driving up the road any further past the bridge since the road is not maintained. There are some hikes up there if you want to park below and then walk up the hill.

Once you’re there you can play in the stream or go on a few hikes that are around the area. If you walk along the path that follows the flow of stream it will come to the end where there’s a rope swing. We also float down the stream on tubes till we get to the rope swing hole. Endless hours of fun for everyone. Even our 6 year old does the rope.

I suggest for your first time you go with someone who’s been there before. Also the water should be clear, don’t swim in dirty water. Flash floods can happen quickly, so avoid this area during heavy rains. There are some easy hikes in the surrounding area but do not attempt any of advanced hikes in this area unless you have a local guide. Do your homework before you go. Even if you are a expert hiker somewhere else, hiking in Kauai is different and should be only be attempted with local knowledge and supervision.

Be safe and bring a lunch!