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Women who surf…

Women who surf…

smile more.
find it easier to let go of the small things.
have learned to wait.
are able to not yell back when screamed at in a parking lot.
are able to yell back when screamded at in a parking lot.
do not give a shit what people think.
can quickly turn around and go.
know that there will always be another wave.


Waiohai Beach

Waiohai Beach


Beautiful day.  Crystal clear water.  Super fun surf.

Waiohai Beach, Poipu, Kauai

I can’t believe we’ve lived here for over 5 years and never been to this spot. It felt like a southside Kalapaki.

Surf was sweet and everyone was so nice.


One uncle guy even gave me a whistle to let me know a wave was coming. I quickly turned and grabbed it. He told me he was surprised I knew what it meant and turned so fast, most just look around confused. I told him the uncles at Kalapaki do it too, so when he whistled it felt like home.

We’re best friends now 😉