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It was nice to have a place to go this weekend to take our minds off of things. We joined uncle Miguel for some cacao harvesting at the farm. Once we were there Miguel gave is clippers and we all went into the orchard. We’d clip off the ripe cacao pods, toss them to the outside of the row of trees and then someone would drive around and pick them up in the golf cart. The goal was to harvest 5 buckets worth of seeds, that’s enough to make it worth the process to ferment and roast. Special points to whoever figured out that there’s chocolate inside these pods.

Beautiful day! And since we all love Uncle Miguel’s Chocolate it’s always fun to see how things work from start to finish.

Kaia is her happiest when she’s out in the fields, permanent smile. She’s sweet though because she never leaves my sight and seems to always know where I’m at.

If you want to know if they are ripe you have to slice a sliver of skin off , if it’s mango colored it’s good, if it’s green leave it!

Once you have a good pile you break them in half and scoop out the seeds. The seeds are mixed in a white tart sticky slime. I couldn’t do the clean-out part it would make me gag. Literally looks like alien brains.