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Recently I’ve been thinking about the idea of the possibility of considering blogging again. Little moments during the day and I’ll think about it. I’ll be getting in the car or watering the plants and think about it. That’s as far as I got these past few months.

So today it’s definitely happening. I’m posting. So much to update and I’ll have to just do it over the next few weeks. For today meet Kaia (I will share more on her later!). She’s my sweet baby girl, the newest addition to our family. As you can see she has made herself at home. Yesterday we went to Kauai Chocolate Farm with Uncle Miguel. The boys drove the tractors around and then burned all the brush they cleared. I spend the afternoon potting plants from the property to bring back the house.

I was able to get a bunch of white ginger, 2 banana trees and a ton of Taro. For those that don’t know Taro is a plant used to make a variety of local favorite Hawaiian dishes. It was brought over by the Polynesians and planted by streams and rivers in the 7th century and is still a staple in the Hawaiian diet. If you are interested in the cultural background and significance of Taro check out Sending Aloha From Hawaii. It’s an amazing plant!

Overall a successful afternoon. We ended the evening with a stop at Tiki’s Tacos. They have amazing handmade tortillas and a tofu taco that is heaven on earth. Plus they have compostable packages!

More to come soon. Urban gardening is next