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I’m kinda pissed. I laid in bed last night scrolling through IG and every 3 posts there was an ad. Ads that were specifically targeted to a women in her 30’s, whos face and body is aging.  I was told I needed this cream for my wrinkles, and a thing to stick to my face at night to reverse aging,  and this other thing will stop the wrinkles around my mouth. You know what #fuckYOU. I’m so sick of the never ending messages that our bodies need to be different,  that aging is something we should avoid or be afraid of. Can we stop this message we are feeding to our world, to our children? Instead spread the truth of beauty.  Change the story to celebrate the years we have lived, the relationships we have fought for, the sacrifices we have made, the pain we have overcome. Stop the disenfranchisement of women. I pushed 4 humans out of my body, pretty sure not having wrinkles doesn’t make me a more remarkable or better human.  Beauty is found within the soul. Women have unrelenting courage and strength. We give all we have and all of who we are to those we love. We deserve a better message to be shared about our aging and the years we have courageously lived.